Welcome to Lightning Road Pictures! You made it!  Take a load off.

It’s a tricky world out there of social media, brand integrations (which is another word for “sharing”) and of course our fave, the 30 second spot.  We can help you navigate those waters with innovative solutions that keep your content airing on all your media platforms.  As you know, every Brand is now a TV Network.  Everyone has to have content, especially yours.  The solution might be a 2-minute interstitial, a contest or a series of 15 second spots that together, are a compelling reason to stay on your website (ahem – “network”).

It’s what we do - for actual networks. Cartoon Network, Disney, CNN, etc. and for all those companies out there who are waking up to what social media really is.

We are a full service creative services agency that specializes in production.  We practice thinking like your target market.  For a recent Brand Integration of NERF and Cartoon Network, we loaded up our new EBF-25’s (3 shots per second!) and blasted each other all over the office.  (I won). 

After very carefully thinking about your demographics and your goals, we come up with a plan and make it happen – all in one place.  We handle all the research, the writing, the production, graphics and post.  There is no passing the buck.

We’re happy to just build a TV ad for you, but there is so much more than that available to you.

What we do is build content that enables your company to “stop hunting for customers”.  Instead, we show you what to do and help you build the places that customers want to frequent.

Simple as that.

Based out of Atlanta, GA, we have well stamped passports with shoots in New Zealand, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, South America and more.  We have especially fantastic crews that we work with on both the East and West Coasts too.  Take a look around then give us a shout.

Click above to see our Spring reel.

Our founder and Creative Director is Steve Kuhn.  See his director’s reel above or more at SteveKuhn.tv